What Are The Extra Charges On My Invoice For Hall Rental?


When hosting events with DJs in Halifax, clients will often ask “what are the extra charges on my invoice for the hall rental?”.  They will most likely notice when they book a hall or venue, there is often some charges on their invoice related to having music and or audio visual equipment at their event.

There are several fees that could be charged and several layers of fees that they may end up paying.  SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers in Canada, is a not-for-profit organization that collects fees on behalf of artist and record labels.  Through licensing, SOCAN allows businesses to use music as they want, legally and ethically. SOCAN licenses over 125,000 businesses and distribute royalties Coast to coast in Canada.

Halifax DJ Services do not collect SOCAN fees, only fees for halls or venues.  These SOCAN fees also vary depending on whether there is a dance floor or not. These fees should be included in your hotels venues  invoice.

Licensed DJ Services Company

You will notice that most professional DJS in Halifax will actually be a “Licensed DJ services company”.

This means they have licensed music from another licensing agency to collect fees on behalf of the artist.  This agency is called  Connect Music Licensing.  This allows your local Halifax DJ to play music that is copied for public
performances. It can be in many forms. Even though your Halifax DJ has a music license it does not mean you won’t have to pay SOCAN fees.

Outside Audio Visual Charges

When booking DJ Services or Halifax Audio Visual Services, you might see on your invoice from your venue, an extra fee, Outside Audio Visual Charges.

While most venues don’t charge this, we are seeing it become increasingly more common. Basically, some hotels have an agreement with large international AV companies to supply Audio Visual equipment and services.  The Hotel or venue then normal gets a percentage of what the client books.  The prices of these services are usually at a premium.

Sometimes as much as double what you could get local Halifax audio visual Company from an outside vendor. So the venue will basically tax either you the customer or the outside vendor. Sometimes its a flat rate based on the room or in other cases it can be based on what equipment the outside vendor is bringing in. I know from experience that smart clients can have these fees waived at the contract signing.

Power Drop or Power Fees

Another charge you could see on your invoice from your venue is power drop or power fees.

Again not a common thing but we do see it from time to time where the venue will supply a special power supply or special cords capable of supplying more power and charge an extra fee for it.  This can easily be an additional $150.00 fee. So check with your Halifax DJ Company before this is added. Most DJs in Halifax won’t require this.

Perfect Blend of Music For Your Event

Halifax DJTheir Audio Visual DJ Services have the best music anywhere in Halifax and have a proven approach to their music choice that give them repeat business, time and time again.

Jeff Knee, one of Halifax’s top DJs, has many years of experience and is your trusted Halifax DJ. Jeff loves what he does, and it shows. Jeff provides friendly an accommodating DJ Services that will keep your dance floor packed. He is more than happy to take your requests for music, whether is be a corporate event, high school dance, or wedding.

Your Halifax DJ company, can provide music for all your events wherever they are located in Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth, Sackville, or anywhere else in HRM. If you are looking for an all-inclusive audio visual music event, let Jeff know and he will make sure your event is a success.

Up Lighting

Uplighting Services HalifaxIf you need up-lighting for your corporate event or wedding, and we suggest that you do to make it a complete success, Halifax DJ Services use the best in LED lighting and multi-colored effects that can be changed at will to match your event. It doesn’t matter what type or size of room you want to host your event, Jeff Knee can accommodate.

Up-lighting makes everything look great especially when the music is playing. There is nothing like the audio visual experience when your guests are on the floor dancing the night away. Lighting is a very effective way of making every feel and look great. Everyone is dressed up and a quality lighting package can only enhance your event.

Up-lighting can best be used for drapes, entrances, cakes, head tables, dance floor, windows, under tables, and anywhere else you can imagine like outdoor tents for summer weddings. On that note, if you are looking for a wedding DJ in Halifax, give Jeff a shout and he will call you back to discuss your upcoming wedding.

Audio Visual Services

If you are looking to put on a large scale even some time soon, then you should seriously consider audio visual services in addition to great music. There are so many types of events that you can use audio visual effects.

Some of the audio visual equipment are slide shows, flat screens, projectors, wall mounted video screens, and other visual and audio equipment that will make your event a true success.  If you are thinking of hosting a video dance, Halifax Audio Visual Services can help you plan your event and provide as many screens as you need, whether you are in a Halifax hotel, or high school gym.

There is nothing like using the best in DJ equipment for your wedding or corporate event. A professional sound system with amazing lighting, speakers, microphones, and a DJ who knows how to keep your crowd on the dance floor should be your first choice when looking for a local DJ in Halifax. Hire the best Halifax DJs & Audio Visual Techs that money can but and you won’t be sorry.

Contact Jeff Knee to get a quote for your next dance, corporate event or upcoming wedding – 902-446-3510


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