Choosing a Halifax DJ or Halifax Band

Jeff Knee and Randy Fenoli

Jeff & Randy Fenoli (from Say Yes to the dress)

When planning a  Halifax wedding reception most couples do not realize that the largest part of the reception is the dance. It usually takes place from 8:30 pm -1: 00 am and is longer than any other part of the entire wedding.

Couples will spend a lot of time and money planning other aspects of the wedding but then do little planning and have just a small budget left for the entertainment for either Halifax Wedding DJ or band.

Consider this, when your guest go to look back at your wedding reception weeks, months or years later, what do you think they will remember – the food, the decorations, the hall, the cake?

They will actually remember the great time they had! They will remember if the music was hot or not. There are several things you should consider while planning your Halifax wedding reception.

What’s Better For a Wedding, a Band or a DJ?

The most common choices for the entertainment are Live entertainment (band), or a top rated Halifax Wedding DJ.

Live entertainment is always nice especial if you have talented musicians. Bands can be very entertaining to watch, but keep in mind that they can only play the music that they have practiced and know as a group. Usually bands will know about 40-60 songs but most bands usually only play one or two styles of music.

If your guest are not dancing at your wedding reception to the type of music they play, it is unlikely they will be able to switch to another style. Bands usually play 40 -60-minute sets with 20 -30-minute breaks in between. One thing to consider with bands is there are usually 3-5 people that all need to be there. Should one of them decide to quit the band or if they became ill they might not be able to perform.

A good band can cost anywhere for $950-$5000.00 so if you are working within a budget for your wedding, considering hiring a DJ which has a larger selection of tunes and is, most often, less expensive.

What to Look For When Searching For A DJ in Halifax

The top DJs in halifax AtlanticProDJ

The Westin Halifax Uplighting & DJ by Atlantic ProDJ

Atlantic ProDJs can provide a wide variety of music and usually have at least 25,000 songs. When hiring a DJ in Halifax make sure you hire a professional.

Here are some things you should look for when hiring a wedding DJ in Halifax. Professional DJs will have a business telephone line that is answered in a professional manner. They should have a contract that protects both you and them and have either paper or online forms that help you list all the important details.

They should also have a “Connects Music Licensed” or “Connects licensed music subscription”, public liability insurance, be legally registered, and able to show references or letters of thanks.

Some DJs will be a member of a professional association such as the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association. Members of these associations usually had to prove their professionalism in order to be a member. A Professional DJ in Halifax should have a backup plan should there be an equipment failure or should a DJ become sick or have a family emergency.

All wedding DJs should be able to show you pictures or video of his audio/video system from any corporate or wedding venue in Halifax! Most wedding DJs will actually have an online portfolio or wedding reviews of their work.

Professional Halifax Wedding DJ

Once you have narrowed down  your search for a professional Halifax wedding DJ, which one do you actually choose?

Budgets have to be kept, and as the prime decision maker, you will have to try to pick the best wedding DJ that you can for the best price. Most professional DJs in Halifax range in price from $450 – $1200.00. HIGH PRICE does not ensure HIGH QUALITY.

However,  the opposite is usually true! Successful Halifax Wedding DJ companies will charge what they are able to get in their market. If you find a DJ in Halifax that is half the price, there is usually a reason he or she is only able to charge half as much as a professional.

The bottom line in hiring a DJ is to find one that is willing to work with you and one that is interested in what you have to say. One that is interested in making your wedding all that you want it to be. The victory of an amazing deal in finding a DJ loses its appeal after you realize it was for a cheaper product. Here is one of my favorite quotes.

There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell for a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey!– John Ruskin

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