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Halifax Up lighting the westin

If you want to turn your event from standard to simply jaw dropping, we can give you the wow factor with our decor lighting. Nothing can add more to the look of your event for the small amount of money it requires.  We use top quality equipment to produce amazing room lighting. Inexpensive, decor up-lighting that illuminates your special night and dazzle your guests as they walk in. (We love to hang out at the door when guest walk in and hear their comments) Oh wow!…… Cool!….. It looks so pretty!…. Can be heard as your guest enter the room!

Up lighting | Halifax NS

Halifax Up lighting Gobo projection

Halifax Uplighting at Dal Club

Up lighting is very affordable, and is the foundation of most decor lighting. With the new led fixtures that are out today, this effect has become easier to achieve.  New Digital RGB (Red, Blue,  green), color mixing, led fixtures can produce millions of colors without the use of colour gels,  nor do they require a lot of power. So there are less chances of blowing fuses. We have what it takes to make your event glow!

Halifax Uplighting Price George Hotel

Prince George Hotel up lighting


Halifax Uplighting Via Rail Train Station

Halifax Up lighting Via Rail Train Station

Halifax Up lighting The Westin Atlantic Ball Room

Halifax Up lighting The Westin Atlantic Ball Room

Gobo projection

Gobo projection