Payment Information

Payment Options



Cash paymentWe are always able to accept cash payments. Please have the correct amount we most likely will not have change on us.


Pay by check

Pay by check

We are able to take cheques in Canadian funds only. We accept cheques for deposit or remaining balance. Checks are welcomed I would say 3/4 of our business is in checks Please note there is a $50 fee four bounce checks.

E-mail Money Orders



We accept E-mail Money Orders for deposit or remaining balance.  Please email the password, do not assume we can figure out the answer to your security question.  Here is an example.  Q. What date is our event? Hmm  August14, no? Aug14, No? Aug 14 2015, no?  08142105 No? August14th …… you get the idea, send the answer. Please send your e-mail money order  and security question answer to info(at) Please insert the @ symbol. It stops web robots from spamming us.


Credit Card Payments & PayPal

Credit card viza, Mastercard American express

We also accept Credit cards but only through our web site. We use a Payment gateway through Paypal. If you want to pay the balance of your event we recommend that you do so a day before the event. We can not take a credit card payment on site Here is our payment gateway We can also take credit card payments over the phone. A 3% services charge may apply.


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